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10 Tips for Transforming Your Team into Your Fans

2 Mar 2019 Employee Engagement


Have you ever observed how cricket fans discuss their favorite sport?

They use the words like “we” and “our” while discussing the performance of Indian cricket team!

They would be heard saying, “we played well in the Test series but our performance in the One-Day series was not on par”!

Obviously, these fans don’t get to step on to a cricket ground and play for the country but they talk as if they are a part of the team.

The same cricket fan is not as much passionate about where he belongs: his workplace. In your case, it happens to be the clinic. Nor does he talk in the language of “we” and “our”.

Imagine for a moment: what if you could transform your team into passionate fans?

How would they talk, behave and act?

Wouldn’t they take a more proactive approach and be more engaged?

Yes, of course!

You might wonder how to make that happen!

Here’re the top 10 tips to transform your team into your fans:

Recruit Passionate People

Yes, it starts there.

When you are recruiting new employees, select those who are passionate about their work. You need people who are filled with lofty aspirations and a burning desire to achieve their goals.

Once you have such employees, your vision, your goals and your way of thinking will all fascinate them and leave them spellbound.

They will become your fans and accomplish whatever goals you set!

Recruit Passionate People

Re-align Your Onboarding Process

Onboarding process is vital for creating the right kind of orientation in new employees.

If you want them to become passionate about their work and achieve great things, you need to re-align your onboarding process to these objectives.

Once your onboarding process orients them towards a passionate way of working, they will neither look at the clock nor the calendar. They will simply be obsessed with you and the work you ask them to do!

Re-align Your Onboarding Process

Allow Room for Diversity of Culture

At times, we try to carefully create certain kind of culture.

It tends to become artificial and lacks the genuine feel and vibes.

For people to be passionate, you need to give them room to express their diverse personalities and traits. You have to let them express who they are.

Once you allow them to be who they are, they will unleash their creative and innovative sides and turn the clinic into a place full of buzz and excitement!

Allow Room for Diversity of Culture

Practice Consistency

Some employers don’t allow their team to settle down. They keep shuffling rules and keep changing plans.

Employees expect consistency in policy and practice. Once they see consistency, they gradually become attached to a way of working at your clinic. They embrace and celebrate the consistent and systematic mode of functioning.

When you display consistency over a period of time, they would like to work with you and nobody else. This is how fans behave, right?

Practice Consistency

Emphasize on Transparency

Don’t keep things under wraps. Practice transparency in everything. Whether it’s a leave that you reject or an appraisal that you carry out, your employees should be able to understand why and how it happened. You may or may not approve their requests but transparency is what they look for.

Transparency allows them to develop trust. They know exactly what is happening and why. This builds their confidence in you and your leadership.

If they think that you don’t believe in playing games with them or deceiving them, they will simply become dedicated and loyal to you.

5.Emphasize on Transparency

Conduct Frequent Team Meetings and Discussions

Have you seen the huddle of the Indian cricket team before every match?

Yes, that’s the way passionate teams work and win!

So make sure that you conduct frequent team meetings. This will enable you to encourage and motivate them for better performance. Discussions with your team will bring everyone on the same page and provide greater clarity about objectives, processes and goals!

So start practicing the huddle!

Conduct Frequent Team Meetings and Discussions

Thank Your Team Regularly

If motivation is the key to employee engagement, appreciating their work is the key to their motivation.

If you want them to be passionate and driven about you and your clinic’s growth, appreciate them and thank them from time to time. For every small thing, express your genuine gratitude. This will drive them to continue doing good work.

This also makes them more productive. When they are productive, they tend to become not just a passionate team but also a winning team!

Thank Your Team Regularly

Recognize their Contribution

When they see that you value their work, they feel satisfied about their efforts. They feel contented about the fact that their work gets the due recognition.

It could be completely inexpensive measures but recognition and rewards are vital for boosting their motivation.

You may just share a hand-written note of how you value their work. It could be a soft board in the clinic where you post pictures and note of how you value their work. Employee of the Month or Week could be one such recognition measure.

Recognition transforms employees into team players and fans!

Recognize their Contribution

Strike Work-Life Balance

Typically, employers want their employees to work 24×7. This is why employees don’t become fans of such employers!

Instead, you should be sensitive to their life outside the clinic. You should allow them to practice work-life balance. If possible, provide flexible shift timings for employees who are in need. Let them come late for a day if they have an emergency or leave early.

Make sure you show that you care for them. The best way to do so is to strike work-life balance. This will allow them to remain stress-free and happy. They will love you so much for this!!!

Strike Work-Life Balance

Talk often about Your Vision

Employees love profound ideas regarding the future!

They like when you talk about the future and how the clinic will grow. You should talk about their growth too.

They would be thrilled if you can paint a fascinating picture of the future and the growth that you have envisaged.

They would be excited about it and would love to work harder to make it happen.

More importantly, they would look forward to working with someone who has such a great vision of the future.

In other words, they would be your fans and will follow your vision!

Talk often about Your Vision


The reason why it matters so much that they turn into your fans is that they will go the extra mile and achieve the goals that you set if they believe in you.

If they are fascinated by your persona and believe in your values, they are more likely to contribute to the growth of your clinic in a big way.

When they believe in you, get attached to you and relish every moment they spend with you, they will become a bit like you- driven for the growth of your clinic.

This is what you want, don’t you? You want to see them passionate about your clinic’s growth like you are.

So start implementing these tips and turn them into your fans so that they also passionately work towards the growth of your clinic!


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