What is Teamspire? How can it help me as a dermatologist?

Teamspire is a unique mobile app for training and motivation of your employees. It provides constant inputs to your staff for training and motivation through posts, videos, audios etc. It makes the employee engagement and motivation an integral part of your clinic. You can share your own ideas and insights through the app and it can reach your staff immediately. It also serves to keep track of your employees’ productivity because it carries a facility of daily reporting. In this feature, you get to know the day’s work assigned to a particular employee and the work accomplished by the end of the day. Since the training input will be according to the industry category, your staff will get only the relevant content and will be able to implement it immediately. It is a unique platform for all your employee engagement and employee development needs. Teamspire enables you to provide constant training and motivation to your staff in a systematic manner.

I also conduct sessions to motivate my employees once in a while. Why should I subscribe to Teamspire?

With your experience and expertise, you can definitely motivate your employees. However, you cannot spare time as much as you would wish to due to your hectic schedule. You also need to travel a lot for conferences and seminars and other professional engagements. You may also be actively involved in social engagements. This takes away the quality time that you can spend with your employees to motivate and train them. Employee motivation and training are a constant process. Teamspire simply enables a systematic, regular and comprehensive solution for the training and motivation needs of your staff. If you subscribe to Teamspire, you do not need to worry about their engagement with your clinic and their motivation needs. Now you will be able to fully concentrate on the growth of your clinic.

Why should I invest in making my employees work as a team?

When employees work as a team, they can perform at their optimal level and contribute to the growth of your clinic. Your long term vision requires that employees work together and synergize their efforts. You can accomplish your vision only through a loyal and dedicated team. For them to be dedicated, they need the motivation to go the extra mile for you. Only if they are motivated, they will perform at their best. It is not merely about a day or a week or a month. They need to put in such efforts year after year. For this, they need to come together, bond well and transform into a great team.

Why is employee motivation so important and how can Teamspire help?

Employee motivation is not merely important; it is the critical element in the productivity of an employee. A team is made of employees and if they are not highly motivated, your clinic will see decline in productivity. On the other hand, if you ensure that they constantly get the inputs in terms of motivating posts, videos and audios, they can remain motivated and perform at their best. This means that the growth of your clinic depends on the motivation level of your employees. If you wish to grow your practice, you must address the needs of your employees in terms of motivation.

Teamspire can help in various ways. First of all, it is aimed at addressing the motivation needs of employees. At times, there are different motivation related solutions available but they tend to be generic. Teamspire is unique because it is designed to suit to the employees of a dermatology clinic. Secondly, it functions as a unique internal communication app. On a regular basis, there would be posts, videos, audios which will continuously serve to motivate your staff to be productive and engaged.

We have hectic schedule at our clinic. When will they be able to see the posts etc.?

Teamspire can be accessed online as well as offline. Once your employees have made the content offline available, they can access that content anytime without network also. Your team can access and make it available offline by using your clinic’s Wi-Fi or any other source. Later, they can read, listen audio or watch video at their convenient time and place.

What kind of posts will they receive?

Your employees will receive posts regarding how they can make a difference to the clinic. They will get to read, listen and watch various posts regarding motivation & soft skills development. The input provided will revolve around the themes of engagement, motivation and team work. They will get actionable ideas and easy-to-implement tips for higher productivity and team spirit.

Will all the employees receive the same inputs?

They will receive posts according to their category. Teamspire provides specific inputs for specific work profiles. At your clinic, the Receptionist requires different inputs from a Therapist. So they will be categorized in designation-wise categories and accordingly they will receive the posts. However, they may receive some common inputs regarding motivation and team work as well.

Will they be able to see the posts, share the posts which have been sent to other categories?

No, they will not able to see the posts which have been sent to employees of particular category. They will all be a part of confidential closed groups based on their job roles. They will receive specific inputs for their category. They will not be able to access posts in other categories.

What if the head of the organization wants to post something?

There is a special facility for team head/senior/doctor to post what they wish to share. It is called Admin Panel. Through admin panel, they can post their own ideas and inputs with their staff. It can be used to make announcements, communicate anything urgent or to provide specific instruction to a particular category. You will have exclusive rights to admin panel and you can use it for varied purposes as per your needs.

What if the head of the organization wants to start a new discussion every day?

Yes, you can do that on Teamspire app. There is a separate segment called ‘Today’s Discussion’. You can start a new discussion on a topic of your interest every day under this segment. By doing this you can start healthy discussion among your team members.

What if the head of the organization wants to measure a particular employee’s performance?

You can generate daily reports of the tasks assigned to an employee and the task accomplished. You will also be able to get the daily work reports of your employees. It will also enable you to keep track of their engagement & their reports regarding post views & media view statistics.

Do I have to pay for using services of Teamspire?

Yes, Teamspire’s service is chargeable. However, we offer 15 days free trial. The charges to use this service are per employee basis and you need to pay for each of employee on a quarterly basis.

Do my employees need to pay to use this app?

No, your employees do not need to pay any amount to use the service.

What if there is an employee who is not performing well?

Teamspire is dedicated to employee motivation and engagement. We believe that employees can become more productive and perform far more effectively if they are sufficiently motivated. Teamspire will serve to motivate all of your employees and help them perform well. With the constant motivation and training, all the members of your staff will become more loyal and dedicated towards the growth of your clinic.

What is the minimum subscription duration and why?

You need to subscribe to Teamspire for a minimum period of 3 months. The reason why you need to subscribe for 3 months is that employees, at times, have a lot of issues that need to be addressed through motivational input and training. It takes time for them to see the bigger picture and become proactive and productive. As it is a time consuming process, it will take a minimum of 3 months for you to see any visible impact. So there is minimum subscription duration of 3 months. Every quarter, you need to renew the service.

What if a member of my staff is not comfortable with English?

Teamspire provides language options. Your staff can choose from the two language options available- English and Hindi. This will ensure that everyone gets the opportunity to learn and improve. It enables everyone to participate and takes care of language barrier if it exists at your clinic.

If the app is developed by an outside agency, how will they feel the ownership?

The app will have a cover image which will carry the logo of your clinic. Every time your employees access it, they will see the logo of your clinic. This instantly establishes the authenticity of the app and its content. It will lead to a sense of ownership that this tool belongs to them and it is specially designed for their development.

How will I be charged for subscription?

The subscription charges will be based on per employee for three months. Before every quarter ends, you will get the mail notification to renew for the service. You will simply need to click on the given link and pay the due amount online.

How can I enroll in this service?

There is one sign up form on the website. You need to fill in all the required details. Teamspire team will review your submitted details and if everything is found alright, your account will be approved and you will get the notification for the same. Then in the confirmation mail, you will receive one link to complete further procedure such as subscription plan and payment method. On successfully completing all these details, you will be finally enrolled for the Teamspire service.

How can my staff members use this app?

Your staff members simply need to download the Teamspire app from the Google Play Store / iOS App store. After installing the app, they need to register their account by filling in the details such as their name, contact number, email ID, team code, employee category, etc. After entering all these details, the team admin will check and review their details and approve their account. Once their account is approved they will able to login to their account and use this service.

Is this iOS and Android based application?

Yes, the application is available on both iOS and Android platforms. The user can download the app from any of the platforms.

Is the application download chargeable?

No, there are no charges for downloading the app. It is completely free to download the app from iOS app store and Google Play Store.

What will be security and confidentiality of my shared data on Teamspire which I share with all of my employees?

Teamspire app is developed in such a way that whatever data or information you share on this platform will be completely secure as your employee will not be able to copy and forward or share the data anywhere else. Even they will not be able to forward any downloaded video from their mobile. So your shared data and information will remain secure.

What will be security and confidentiality of my shared data on Teamspire when any employee leaves my clinic?

When any employee leaves the clinic, you don’t need to worry about anything. As the Teamspire platform is developed in such a way that your data is completely secure. Whatever data and information you have shared with them that will be they wouldn’t be able to access any of the information, once you deactivate their account. They will not be able to log in to the platform once you deactivate their account. So you don’t need to worry about anything even if they have downloaded a particular video in their mobile as they will unable to access it once their account is deactivated.

What if any new employee joins the clinic?

If you have subscribed for 20 employees and you have used 18 employee accounts, you can use your remaining employee accounts anytime, your new employee has to simply sign up for their account and once you approve the account, s/he is ready to access it easily.

In case you have used all your purchased employee subscriptions, you just have to purchase one more new account and ask your new employee to register for his/her account.

In case of employee replacement, you just have to deactivate the old employee’s account and ask your new employee to register for his/her account. Simple!!!

How frequently will the employees receive the posts?

The employees will receive the posts on a regular basis according to their job profile and according to the occasions/events/requirements.

Can employees use this app without internet connection?

Yes, of course! This app is developed in such a way that once your employees have accessed the information online, they can check and see that information in offline mode also. It means this app gives freedom to your employees to check posts in case of no internet connection, remote area, network unavailability, etc. Once downloaded videos and media will also run in such conditions.

How can I get the reports of my employees?

As head of the organization, you will have full access to the admin panel of the Teamspire through web login. Once you log in to your admin panel, you can check all the activities and engagement of your employees. You can also see how well your employee have completed the tasks on a daily basis because the app carries a feature of daily task to be filled in by employees. You can check all the analytics very easily on the admin panel.

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