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Engage, Motivate & Empower Your Team with Easy to Use Features of Teamspire App

Key Features

Sheer Motivation & Training

Teamspire provides constant training, motivation and insights through various media like video, audio, infographics, images with transcripts based on marketing, sales, negotiation, customer care, grooming, etc. with practical examples.

Follow Up Questions Asked Occasionally!

Teamspire ensures that your staff learns the skills and attitudes by asking occasional follow up questions to remind and get deeper learning.

Customized Segment - ‘Today’s Discussion’

You can start your daily discussion on different topics, issues, education, and information to encourage your employees to share their views, which results in healthy and co-operative culture at your clinic. You can share some of your ideas derived from the years of experience and expertise to lead them towards higher productivity and efficacy. Teamspire can also provide ideas and inputs in this regard.

Expert Handling Team Motivation

Teamspire has a team of experts to provide motivation related training and inputs for your employees. This takes care of your time constraint and provides the right kind of inputs right from the word go!

Offline Availability

The offline feature allows your staff to download the content through your clinic’s Wi-Fi and then they can view that content at their convenient time.

Industry Relevant Training

Teamspire is unique because it provides training and inputs relevant to your industry. Most of the ideas, videos, case studies etc. shared in different groups and discussions will be related to the healthcare industry. So, your staff will be able to understand the correlation instantly and apply the shared ideas in their context.

Open Platform for Admin

Doctor or authorized person from the clinic can share relevant posts regarding new instructions, educative material or motivational content in his/her own way easily along with scheduling facility.

Cover Image with Your Clinic’s Logo

The app will be launched with a cover image which will carry your clinic’s logo to give your staff members sense of ownership of this platform.

Confidentiality Ensured

Teamspire is a confidential closed group platform which ensures security of your training, material, data, announcements. Your platform, your employees, your training. No need to worry about the information transfer anywhere else even in case of your employee leaves you.

Training Relevant to Their Category

You will get relevant and instantly applicable inputs as well as specifically customized inputs as per the category and profile of your staff along with the regular posts on motivation, inspiration and constant self-improvement for everyone.

Daily Reporting

To keep track of their performance on a daily basis, employees are required to feed daily reporting of their work. It requires details of the tasks assigned and duties performed to get updated into the app. It creates a systematic record of their daily performance compiled which can be analysed on a regular basis.

Language Options

Teamspire has two language options –English and Hindi. It will make the process of training and sharing easy and accessible in a language of staff’s choice.

Key Benefits

  • As Teamspire provides constant training and inputs to your employees in direct and applicable way, it saves your time and energy to focus on your core practice. In a consistent and comprehensive way, it serves to build a loyal, dedicated and winning team.
  • Follow up questions ensure and verify that the employees have internalized and retained the inputs. It also reflects whether they have begun to practice it in their day to day life. It serves to ensure the transformation of knowledge.
  • Your staff will be able to read/view the posts and content shared on Teamspire without the internet access also. As it can be downloaded through the Wi-Fi facility at your clinic, it won’t incur any data cost to them. It also eliminates buffering the media and saves time.
  • It enables you to effortlessly share your own ideas, inputs and instructions through the Admin Panel. It allows you to share motivational or informative inputs as per the context of your clinic and practice.
  • It has a unique feature which helps you get daily reports of your employees’ performance. It also helps in monitoring whether they have completed the tasks or followed the instructions given by you.
  • Non-copieable content, non-sharable content and media ensure you the confidentiality of your training, information, inputs and other data. Even in case of any of your employee leaves you, you can inactive their login so no need to worry even in such situations.
  • It eliminates all the investments of time and energy, required for developing various expertises to train and motivate your staff. You can get direct and immediate results from the experts’ inputs through Teamspire.
  • Share your ideas; post your inputs and insights to generate meaningful discussions to lead your employees by reflecting upon some of the key issues.
  • Through the specific industry-related training, employees can easily co-relate examples, ideas and inputs and thus they can implement those things in their practical life easily.
  • According to relevancy of different modules, posts and their inputs, the content will be posted to relevant post holding employees only so that irrelevant ideas and materials don’t lead to the lack of interest on their part.
  • Your staff members can get the training in their preferable language, English or Hindi so that they can acquire the knowledge and inputs comfortably and get ideas in the spirit it has intended. This ensures that all the employees have access to the training and inputs and no one misses out due to language barriers.
  • Cover image with your clinic’s logo makes the employees feel that this app is their own and is made for them. It creates instant connect and leads to trust and faith about the posts and ideas shared.

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